What Do You Need To Change To Be More Successful?

WHAT I DO: I help credit union executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve professional growth, career advancement, increased earnings and work-life balancer by providing a customized developmental process based upon their unique needs.

WHO I WORK WITH: I partner with executives, business owners and senior-level managers including:

• Credit Unions
• CPA firms
• Auto Repair
• Publishing
• Hospital CEO’s.
• Chambers of Commerce
• Non-profits

WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with me, you get the most efficient, effective and affordable executive coaching and strategic planning processes that leaders like you are looking for right now.

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT? I have run a business and faced many of the challenges you now face. I was for 29 years a credit union CEO, and prior to that in in consumer finance. I am a Vietnam Vet. My knowledge has been acquired over a long haul. I do not offer cookie-cutter solutions. In fact, I do not even suggest a solution until I understand you, your organization and your needs. No prescriptions without a diagnosis.

HOW IT WORKS: We begin by talking by telephone about your organization, your vision, and what does success look like. I start with a blank page and simply listen. I request 30-minutes initially, and then schedule a follow-up call to share what I feel is the best solution for you.

READY TO TALK? Reach out to me here on LinkedIn, e-mail me at tom@kesgroupllc.com, visit online at www.kesgroupllc.com or call me direct at 941-650-9027.
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What Are YOU Doing To Grow, Professionally and Personally?

Career Development

Stop and ask yourself:

  • Do you feel successful, but not quite fully satisfied?
  • Are you determining your goals and what’s important to you?
  • Have you ever struggled with work and life balance?
  • Do you wish there was someone to talk to?

If you answered yes, now is the time to take control of your destiny. Some people don’t know what they want but they know it’s more than what they have. I help them dream and create the life they want. Others have dreams, but can’t seem to get past certain roadblocks that are keeping them from realizing them. I help them push through those obstacles and achieve reachable and measurable goals in their life.

You’re familiar with what a coach does for a professional athlete, right? Then, you know it is the athlete who has the ability to make the goal or win the medal, but without the coach to provide the instruction and direction to encourage and guide the athlete, he/she would have a much harder time achieving their goal. I do something similar for people in their daily lives. A coach is a professional who works with individual clients to help them achieve results and sustain life-changing behavior in their lives and careers

Personal coaching is the single best way to reach your personal and professional goals. Coaches address the whole person—with an emphasis on uncovering blind spots and producing right action that leads to more fulfillment, more balance, and more effective processes for living. Imagine a relationship that places the total focus on you. A relationship with someone who helps you clarify your dreams, aspirations, passions, and values, helps you celebrate your victories, and learn from your setbacks as you press on toward achieving your goals … together.

Ready to take decisive action to bring out the potential in you? If you answered yes, let’s test that. Call me at 941-650-9027.

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Saturday, 25 May 2019


“As a Senior Executive in the Credit Union industry - I have personally experienced along with my staff - what Tom brings to the table as a Coach. Tom is uniquely qualified from his experiences as CEO and President of a Credit Union and brings not only that experience but has a special way of identifying unique qualities that we all have but sometimes have not fully realized and utilized in the work place and in our personal lives. Tom delivers in such a way that exhibits high integrity and a genuine concern for his clients -- I strongly recommend Tom for your organization if you are looking for ways to inspire and motivate your staff to reach to the next level.”…Tim Smith

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