What Do You Need To Change To Be More Successful?

WHAT I DO: I help credit union executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve professional growth, career advancement, increased earnings and work-life balancer by providing a customized developmental process based upon their unique needs.

WHO I WORK WITH: I partner with executives, business owners and senior-level managers including:

• Credit Unions
• CPA firms
• Auto Repair
• Publishing
• Hospital CEO’s.
• Chambers of Commerce
• Non-profits

WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with me, you get the most efficient, effective and affordable executive coaching and strategic planning processes that leaders like you are looking for right now.

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT? I have run a business and faced many of the challenges you now face. I was for 29 years a credit union CEO, and prior to that in in consumer finance. I am a Vietnam Vet. My knowledge has been acquired over a long haul. I do not offer cookie-cutter solutions. In fact, I do not even suggest a solution until I understand you, your organization and your needs. No prescriptions without a diagnosis.

HOW IT WORKS: We begin by talking by telephone about your organization, your vision, and what does success look like. I start with a blank page and simply listen. I request 30-minutes initially, and then schedule a follow-up call to share what I feel is the best solution for you.

READY TO TALK? Reach out to me here on LinkedIn, e-mail me at tom@kesgroupllc.com, visit online at www.kesgroupllc.com or call me direct at 941-650-9027.
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United or Untied? How Would You Describe Your Organization?

Core Values

General George S. Patton said, “Leaders instill in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves". Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals”. During one of the worst periods in the history of our world, with chaos and carnage on virtually every continent, do you believe for an instant that Gen. Patton ever though he would not be successful? Absolutely not.

Leaders know that being united in battle, or the boardroom, is essential to managing a battalion or an organization. The men and women in our armed forces share a common mission and are united in a shared set of values. They fight to protect the people beside them. If unity is not paramount, they cannot accomplish their mission. Whether it’s “leave no man behind”, “This We'll Defend” or "Called to Duty, Boots on the Ground", members of our military are united by closely held beliefs.

There are but two letters switched between united and untied; however, which one describes you and your organization has an overwhelming impact that cannot be ignored.

During my career, I created environments in which everyone was on the same side, shared a set of values and knew our mission, goals, rewards and the consequences of their decisions and actions. In all matters with my staff and board of directors, I was transparent. Intuitively, I believed that being united was vital to achieving success and the goals of the organizations I managed.

Leaders in all endeavors should pause and consider whether they don’t care about being right or they just don’t want to be wrong. Are the consequences more compelling and motivating than the rewards? “Right action exists when the right people are doing the right things in the right way at the right time for the right reasons to achieve the right action.” – Resource Associates Corporation.

Like Gen. Patton experienced, there are detractors who say I was difficult at times, but they’re also leaving out that they were an ass. Being united creates harmony and calm, and not everyone welcomes and applauds that.

You know who those people are inside your organization. Others might be outside your organization but have great influence on the inside — for example, a bank examiner who creates an untied environment because they are not accountable to anyone. A united staff and organization are efficient, confident and productive. Empowered to make decisions, they require less supervision.

Those untied personalities who crave the opposite are control freaks and thus are second-rate leaders, at best. They actually believe or have been taught by their leaders, that keeping teams untied and in a constant state of stress is necessary for control.

I know the CEO of a large organization in SW Florida whose management style is to keep his employees on edge about who will be fired next. The VP of Human Resources at this organization repeatedly told employees this fact and that her job was secure because she did his dirty work. She was fired not long after. Having a conscious plan or style that unties your staff, keeping them on edge waiting for the next shoe to drop, does not improve your productivity, efficiency or revenue. In fact, dividing and conquering induces unnecessary stress into the workplace and frankly is just ruthless and stupid.

Leadership skills and knowledge of the job are not always considered or evaluated. Leadership of others begins with leadership of self. You cannot truly become an effective leader of an organization until you identify leadership on a personal level.

Trust may be gained, lost, abused, or reestablished. It is a core leadership quality and the loss of trust is a conflict trigger that leads to other challenges and a manifestation of negative conflict.

Great leaders must be trusted. Great and effective leaders create a positive and productive atmosphere. Great leaders show understanding and handle conflict.

Being perceived as professionally disagreeable doesn’t mean you’re a mediocre leader. It isn’t a requirement that a leader be liked; however, her/she needs the respect and trust of their followers. That is best done by striving to unite the team in a common vision and mission.

Are You Living With Integrity and Ethics?
Shared Vision

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“As a Senior Executive in the Credit Union industry - I have personally experienced along with my staff - what Tom brings to the table as a Coach. Tom is uniquely qualified from his experiences as CEO and President of a Credit Union and brings not only that experience but has a special way of identifying unique qualities that we all have but sometimes have not fully realized and utilized in the work place and in our personal lives. Tom delivers in such a way that exhibits high integrity and a genuine concern for his clients -- I strongly recommend Tom for your organization if you are looking for ways to inspire and motivate your staff to reach to the next level.”…Tim Smith

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